Top Children’s Charities to Support

A lot of people want to help the less unfortunate, but the problem is that there are thousands of charities and each with its own compelling cause. Therefore, it can often be tough to decide which one to support and we simply tend to give to the few same ones every time. Unfortunately, this means that some children’s charities that do amazing work just don’t blip on our radar because they lack the money and manpower needed for publicizing their efforts. If you are searching for a children’s charity to support, some great options are outlined below:

  • Newborns in Need

As the name indicates, this charity has been established to provide clothing and blankets for newborn babies whose parents cannot afford to do so. It helps woman and infants, especially premature babies who need all the care they can get. Donations can be made in the form of sleepers, blankets, all-in-ones, gowns, hats, pacifiers, booties, disposable diapers and bottles.

  • Share our Strength

We have heard about it and also seen pictures of starving children. There are hundreds of thousands of kids who are undernourished and need proper food and that’s where Share our Strength comes in. This charity supports emergency-relief organizations and food banks and is aimed at addressing the root causes of hunger. It also teaches low-income families about budgeting and nutrition, provides funding to groups that teach life and job skills to impoverished families and helps in enrolling poor children in federal nutrition programs. It also has one program that encourages people to donate their wages of one hour for battling childhood hunger.

  • Reach out and Read

This is a unique literacy program that provides nurses and doctors with training for educating parents about the value of training. When needy kids visit pediatricians, they are provided with books to read on every regular checkup. Approximately 1.7 million kids are given books each year through this organization. You can make donations in the form of gently used books or money and can also volunteer to help kids with reading in doctors’ waiting rooms.

  • SOS Children Villages

There is a large number of orphaned and alone children who don’t have a home to live in. This charity is dedicated to providing shelter to these poor souls. Abandoned and orphaned children are welcome in SOS ‘villages’, which have about ten group homes each. A single group home has two adults and about six to eight children. The purpose is to make every village feel like a community and make every home a family.

  • I Have a Dream Foundation

In 1981, an extraordinary vow was made by businessman Gene Lang to a six-grade class of his elementary school; he told the kids that he would pay for their college tuition if they finished high school. 90% students graduated and he did send 60% of them to college. Since then, the program has been replicated and today, there are plenty such projects that pledge college educations to a huge number of students.

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